Microwasp Trichogramma diminishes 75% insecticides‏ use in Brazil

The use of microwasp Trichogramma to control soybean insects have reduced up to 75% insecticides usage by farmers, according to agronomist Alessandro Arruda, who participated in a technical event with farmers in the southern part of the Northeastern state of Maranhão, Brazil.

The Trichogramma has been used mostly to fight insects such as Helicoverpa armigera. It is used to control caterpillar in the cotton and kidney bean crops.
According to the agronomist, this microwasp is already used as a tool in the states of Bahia and Mato Grosso. In Rio Grande do Norte, the microwasp is applied on melon crops. Field trial is being done through partnership with the agricultural sector Foundation of Sponsorship of Exports in the Northern Corridor.